myLEDGO Lightbox incl 2-Sided Graphic Package - size 1M x 2.45M (39.3" x 96.4")

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A revolutionary lightbox that literally puts your message in the spotlight

myLEDGO is a versatile lightbox that combines top-quality visuals with high-end LED technology. The clear and vibrant lighting allows colors to stand out even stronger and helps your brand come to life. The display can be assembled without tools or connectors, while the visuals can be replaced in the blink of an eye.

myLEDGO is the perfect display solution for:

  • Quickly replacing high-quality visuals in shops, hotels, restaurants, offices or waiting rooms
  • Tradeshow presentations or product launches
  • As a partition wall or backdrop in a tradeshow booth
  • Decorating interiors in schools or hotels in an accessible, flexible way.

6 great advantages of myLEDGO

  1. Vibrant lighting with the latest LED technology
  2. Beautiful design
  3. Lightweight and stable
  4. Modular
  5. Easy to use
  6. Unique and compact packaging

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myLEDGO Brochure