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Blow your audience away with seamless ultra large graphics.

Open up to all possibilities

Our company offers various textiles that come on 16 feet rolls that are suitable for sublimation print, the most popular being Blockout Textile (Black Back), Flag(sheer) and Decotex500 (opaque). All these textiles are NFPA-701 and B1 certified, Reach-certified and free of heavy metals and PVC.

Create the WOW effect with 16 feet seamless prints

The ability to offer 16 feet wide dye sublimation prints opens a new world of possibilities. Extra large seamless backdrops, or bigger backlit graphics for lightboxes, to have an even bigger impact. The sky is the limit!

CEES SMIT, Inc. has been a pioneer in innovative visual branding solutions for almost 50 years now. It will be setting a new standard in printing with the addition of the Durst Rhotex 500 to the  arsenal of printers.

Bigger, faster, stronger

Our 16 feet wide Durst Rhotex 500 dye sublimation printer sets a new standard in the dye sublimation printing world. The advantages of sublimation printing technology, such as the high quality, the use of water-based inks and the fact that the textiles can be folded, which results in cost savings when it comes to transport & logistics, are now available for even larger format prints. With the ability to print seamless up to 16 feet allows for larger graphics without seams, ensuring getting messages across with more impact.

In order to continue to comply with shorter lead times, and an increasing demand for more speed while maintaining supreme colors, we have added a HP Stitch S1000 to the arsenal. This 10 feet wide dye sublimation printer is not only the fastest printer there is. This printer can print the exact same colors anywhere in the world because of the integrated HP print cloud solution.

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